OneKey Optimizer

OneKey Optimizer 1.5

Improves the overall performance of Lenovo computers
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Makes your PC run faster by updating its firmware and drivers as well as keeping the software installed on it up-to-date. The tool only works with Lenovo made laptops and notebooks. It also includes some additional power management options for optimizing the device's battery life.

OneKey Optimizer is a powerful, next-generation system optimization software designed specifically for Lenovo computers. It can enhance your PC's performance by updating firmware, drivers, and pre-installed apps. It also provides power management schemes that can extend the life of your battery.

Supported Systems: 100 Series: ideapad 110-17ISK, 300 Series: ideapad 300-14IBR, 300-15IBR, 300-14ISK, 300-15ISK, 300-17ISK, 300S-14ISK, 500 Series: ideapad 500S-14ISK, 700 Series: ideapad 700-15ISK, 700-17ISK. Edge Series: Lenovo Edge 2-1580. Flex Series: Lenovo Flex 3-1480, Flex 3-1580. V Series: Lenovo V110-17ISK. Y Series: ideapad Y700-14ISK, Y700-15ACZ

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